Things You Should Know

If you’re wondering what cake pops are, a cake pop is…a ball of cake which has been fully cooked, crumbed and mixed with buttercream icing and then dipped in a chocolate or candy coating.  The texture of the inside of the cake pop is truffle- or cookie dough-like.

At cake pops boston, all of our cakes and buttercreams are made from scratch with no shortening, artificial ingredients/flavors or stabilizers. Cake pops are a delicious, adorable and tidy little dessert item. And, what can be better than cake on a stick???

Caring for your cake pops…cake pops should be stored in a cool, dry place. No refrigeration and also, you need to keep them out of the heat. Any temperature above 75F (and anything above 70F if in bright sunlight) will not be kind to your cake pops. They work best as an indoor treat during the warmer months.

Although we are allergy-aware, we are unable to offer an allergen-free guarantee; however, we do offer gluten-free cake pops in chocolate and vanilla by pre-order. We do not offer vegan cake pops.

We do not presently offer shipping.

The minimum order is one dozen. (The maximum is however many we are crazy enough to make!). We offer 2 flavor and 2 color/design choices per dozen. There is a $5.00 per dozen wrapping fee for cake pops which are individually wrapped and tied with a coordinating ribbon. Custom message tags are available at an additional cost of 0.50 per tag. Minimum order for custom message tags is 2 dozen. Any order which includes custom tags will require a minimum of one-week lead time. 

The ups and downs of cake pops…cake pops are made in 2 presentations–pop down/stick up and pop up/stick down. Cake pops in the pop down/stick up presentation stand independently and look great displayed on trays or platters or at each place at a table. Cake pops in the pop up-stick down presentation lay flat or may be displayed in stands you may have. They can be displayed as an arrangement (see below) or laying in a basket, on a buffet or on each plate at a table. While both styles present very nicely, we suggest pop down/stick up and unwrapped for sweets buffets and desserts. Tags will work with either presentation.

Arrangements…cake pops in the pop up/stick down presentation, can be displayed in an arrangement. There are several examples in our gallery and on our Facebook page. There is an arrangement fee if we create the arrangement for you. Arrangements tend to be top-heavy so they must be secured during travel, so they don’t tip over.

Delivery Our delivery area is: anywhere in the city of Boston. Delivery fees apply. The minimum order for delivery is 2 dozen.

A $15.00 rush fee will be applied to orders placed less than 48 hours prior to the order-ready date; and rush orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed

Customization… creative souls that we are, we LOVE custom orders! Our cake pops can be customized to color, theme, flower as well as holidays, people, animals, bugs, etc. We’ve even done vegetables…broccoli never tasted so good! We love to be inspired. We will work with you to create a design concept that makes your pops a delicious and visually appealing complement to your occasion! Please see our gallery or our open facebook page for examples.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. Invoices may be paid in advance via credit card or payment may be made at the time of pick-up. Payment must be made at the time the order is placed on shipping or delivery orders. We do not accept checks.

We require a 50% deposit on all orders over $100.00. Cancellations must be made one week prior to your scheduled order-ready date or your deposit is non-refundable. Order modifications will be accepted up to one week prior to the order-ready date. Payment in full must be made by one week prior to the order-ready date. Paid orders must be canceled 72 hours prior to the order-ready date or they are non-refundable.

Samples/Tasting… We do offer samples for orders of 150 pops or more for a cost of $25.00. Should you finalize your order with us, the $25.00 will be credited towards the final cost of your order.The sampler box contains 10 cake pops in 5 flavors. Two of the cake pops will be in the requested custom designs(s) and the remainder will be in our classic designs.

We are often asked how many cake pops should be ordered per guest. If the cake pops are being used as a favor, we suggest one per person and always a couple of extra “just in case.” If the cake pops are being used as a dessert, we suggest 1.5 pops per person. (which becomes interesting if you have an odd number of guests!).

Why cake pops???? Because they are fun, cute, attractive, interesting, creative, elegant, not too much/not too little, stylish, sophisticated, and most importantly, scrumptious!

WE'RE BACK! We've missed you and we're so happy to be back to making your favorite treats!  Please bear with us as we settle back in. Our hours are limited and varied. Weekly hours will be posted on social media or you may ring us or email us for our hours.